4 out of 5 m-commerce purchases is for physical products and services

m-commerce purchases - mobile phone

Consumers are shopping for real-world products and services, not digital in-app downloads. Last year, Apple’s app ecosystem saw $519 billion in m-commerce purchases, said a third-party report the tech giant released this week. Of that total, only $61 billion was spent on buying digital products that could be downloaded. Out of $519 billion, only $61 billion was for m-commerce purchases such as digital games, e-books and apps. Another $45 billion was spent on in-app advertising. The vast majority – $413 billion – was spent on physical products and services in…

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Mobile commerce merchants are moving away from Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Mcommerce

Now many wonder if the will be able to continue long into the future. The latest in mobile commerce in terms of the devices that are leading the way, is that the number of retailers that are selling the Kindle Fire tablet in their bricks and mortar shops is beginning to wither. This could prove detrimental to the holiday shopping season when buyers will be looking to mobile. The most recent among several mass merchants to abandon the Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon, was Walmart. The reason for this trend…

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