Mobile commerce trial begins for Linio in Latin America

Mobile commerce Trends

The market holds a great deal of potential, helping to explain why a pilot program there is a natural step. Linio, with the backing of Rocket Internet, has just released its first app geared toward the Latin American mobile commerce marketplace, which is predicted to be ready to take off at any moment. Moves such as this one are being made in order to establish a company or a brand before the market becomes crowded. Interest in the Latin American marketplace has spiked since last week’s report from Ericsson, which…

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Mobile commerce sales in UK increased in June

UK Mobile Commerce

Spending over tablets has risen considerably and is making a major contribution to this channel’s figures. According to the latest figures that have been issued regarding mobile commerce sales in the United Kingdom, there have been massive year over year increases recorded when comparing June of this year to that of 2012. Even the comparison of the sales figures from May to June have shown a very meaningful rise. The report that was jointly issued by Capgemini and the research firm called the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG) has…

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Mobile commerce strategy at Walgreen’s attracting industry attention

mobile commerce mhealth augmented reality app walgreens

While some feel that the effort is a tremendous one in this channel, others are expressing their doubts. Walgreen is a company that is known for its regular and continuous innovation, and its mobile commerce strategy is now attracting attention from those in the industry who are seeking to decide whether the company has upheld its reputation over this channel, as well. This company invented the malted milkshake in 1922 and has been introducing firsts since then. The innovations have continued at Walgreen as self service shopping was introduced, replacing…

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M-commerce speed at Best Buy improves as reliability drops

m-commerce graph fall

The electronics retailer has managed the slash its load time by 1.5 seconds, but errors are more common. According to the latest report from Keynote Systems on m-commerce performance, the mobile homepage at Best Buy has an average load time of 10.82 seconds, which isn’t great but that is significantly improved over the results from the previous week. The load time combined with the site availability are what are measured by Keynote for its index. Both of those factors were taken into account when the ranking for the site’s position…

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M-commerce moves forward into the desktop ad spending share

mobile commerce trends

Advertising dollars to target smartphone carrying customers are taking a growing proportion of overall online spending. According to the latest statistics and forecasts from emarketer, m-commerce ad spending is continuing to chip away at the budgets that are being set aside for all online advertising, including desktops. The research has suggested that spending for desktop banners may reach its peak in 2014. The increase in spending for m-commerce channels has, at the same time, started to eat away at the amount of money that is invested into desktop ad formats.…

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