QR codes give famous public statues a voice in London

qr codes stalking statue isaac newton

The quick response codes are being used along with NFC technology to help the statues to talk. London is known for its large number of public statues, and through the use of mobile devices in combination with QR codes and NFC technology, those pieces of art are now able to speak to the people who are viewing them. In a unique and rather entertaining project, some of these famous statues now have words to say. The project commissioned a number of well known writers to come up with the words…

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QR codes used to help consumers pay for purchases

m-commerce app Sainsbury QR code mobile check out

  A supermarket in London is now testing an app that allows smartphone users to scan to buy. London supermarket, Sainsbury’s, has announced that it is testing a new mobile commerce strategy that will allow customers with smartphones to scan QR codes in order to pay for their purchases, without ever having to unload their shopping carts at the checkout counter. The pilot program is being tested in four of the shop’s locations. The program, which is based on the Scan ‘n’ Go app, is now undergoing a trial run…

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QR codes made out of sushi promote sustainability

QR Codes use at restaurants

This combination, a world’s first, was on display at the Frieze Art Fair in London, England. In London, the Frieze Art Fair was yet again the host of another world’s first, as QR codes made out of sushi appeared among the displays. These edible barcodes were entirely functional, as they could be scanned by smartphone users. When users scanned the QR codes in their salmon bento boxes, they were able to view the entire story of sustainability that was associated with the sushi that they were eating. This artistic presentation…

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SmartBox used for serving QR Codes for the first time in restaurant

QR Code Smartbox

Ponti’s Italian Kitchen has achieved this global first, appealing to smartphone owners. This year, QR codes have finally come into their own, after having struggled for a while as consumers remained unaware of what they were and how to use them for a long time, leading marketers and mobile industry experts to wonder if they had any real value at all. Now, the zappit SmartBox on tables at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen feature barcodes to improve CRM. This restaurant is only the first of nine locations in London, which also include…

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Scanning QR codes while recycling can win prizes

QR Codes help encourage recycling

London recyclers will find barcodes on bins inside and outside some Tube stations A new promotion in central London to encourage recycling is using QR codes to provide commuters with gift vouchers for theaters in the West End, and shop on High Street. The strategy is designed to give smartphone using recyclers the chance to obtain these vouchers by scanning the barcodes that are affixed to the various bins in and around several transit stations. There will be 600 bins featuring QR codes in Westminster and Camden. The hope is…

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