Mobile marketing using beacon doesn’t work when it is overused

mobile marketing geolocation

According to recent research, when it has been overdone, this location based advertising flops. Among the largest trends in location based mobile marketing is the use of beacon technology and, as has been the case with nearly every other form of smartphone based advertising, there is a right way and a very wrong way in which to use this method. A recent study has shown that overusing beacon messaging can have a devastating impact on a campaign. Beyond that, the research also found that there is a very fine line…

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Mobile marketing using iBeacon location based technology seeing increasing use

Lord & Taylor location based mobile marketing

The SnipSnap coupon startup is successfully sending ads to smartphones through several large programs. As large retailers start to discover the importance of location based mobile marketing, partnerships such as the one that has formed between department store Lord & Taylor and SnipSnap are becoming increasingly commonplace. This particular agreement uses iBeacon technology to send mobile coupons and ads to shoppers in store. The two companies are working together in this mobile marketing pilot program as SnipSnap works to boost its location based advertising efforts at the department store. It…

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The difference location based marketing can make for a business

mobile marketing spending worldwide

More brands and companies are using mobile marketing with geotargeting technology to reach customers. With all of the different companies, brands, and products currently available, the owners of many small businesses are struggling to understand how they can make a connection with their customers, and are beginning to take notice of location based marketing. The internet is bursting with mobile marketing opportunities, it is simply a matter of knowing how to access them. Over 7 out of every 10 users of the internet are also online shoppers, according to a…

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Best Buy uses mobile marketing to sell big-ticket products

mobile marketing opportunity

Best Buy is using a targeted and location based mobile marketing campaign for big-ticket item sales. Electronics store chain, Best Buy, has announced that it will be using a mobile marketing campaign that will encourage the sale of large items such as a $1,900 television from Samsung, as a part of a targeted campaign. The electronics retailer is running a broad mobile advertising campaign within the iPhone Pandora app. It is targeting consumers with relevant offers through the use of location-based technology, in order to drive the sales in-store. According…

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Functionality of Location-Based Advertising Demonstrated by Adobe

Adobe News mobile shopping

At the Open Mobile Summit that was held on June 9, 2011, the contextual app, a brand new concept for contextual advertising, was brought to light for the first time for use with location-based mobile marketing. This concept was presented by Kevin Lynch, the chief technology officer for Adobe. He showed that not too long from now – in his words “really possible soon” – the user of a mobile device will be able to select from various apps depending on their actual location, what is within a certain proximity,…

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