Smartwatch mobile payments app available for the first time on Pebble

Pebble Steel Smartwatch mobile payments

This new option for this popular wearable technology was developed using a LevelUp SDK. The Pebble smartwatch now has its very first mobile payments app available that has been developed through the software development kit from the LevelUp network. The application was first launched on Kickstarter in 2012 and was the most successful crowdfunding campaign so far. That smartwatch app for Pebble has already been able to appeal to a broad range of mobile app development companies for everything from games to fitness programs. In February, an online apps store…

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LevelUp aims to make mobile payments more accessible to developers

QR Codes mobile payments

App developers could introduce mobile payments into their applications with LevelUp SDK Mobile payments firm LevelUp has launched its LevelUp Software Development Kit, which is designed to allow developers to accept mobile payments through their applications. The vast majority of applications are available at a very low price and many developers rely on in-app purchases in order to generate a profit from their creations. Without the ability to accommodate mobile payments, many of these applications struggle to produce any significant revenue, which is a problem that LevelUp is aiming to…

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Mobile payments partnership formed between NCR and LevelUp

Mobile Payments

The agreement will bring the technology to a larger number of restaurants. Leading retail point of sale (POS) software supplier for American restaurants, NCR, has partnered with LevelUp to bring the mobile payments app into the POS systems in order to be able to complete dining transactions. The startup is hoping that this will help it to make greater inroads into this rapidly growing market. This is especially important because restaurants are proving to be one of the most important growth areas for mobile payments. LevelUp has now formed this…

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Mobile payments strategy includes ban on plastic credit cards

LevelUp app mobile payments

In order to help boost the adoption of the service some merchants have tried to eliminate the alternative. The mobile payments industry has faced a large amount of struggle in terms of consumer adoption, even after merchants have started to update their systems and accept this form of transactions. Even the largest players, who have spent billions on systems and marketing, have yet to succeed. Google Wallet and Isis are two of the largest mobile payments systems currently in place, and yet they are seeing very limited use by consumers.…

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Mobile payments service formed through LevelUp and First Trade Union Bank partnership

Mobile Commerce Industry

The two companies have come together to offer smartphone users a digital wallet. The First Trade Union Bank in Boston has announced that it is going to become one of the earliest banks in the area to offer a mobile payments app to its customers, to allow them to make purchases using their smartphones. The institution is a small community bank with only two branches, located in New York and Boston. It intends to launch its mobile payments application near the beginning of next year through a newly formed Scvngr…

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