Meta opens the Quest operating system to third-party virtual reality devices

Virtual reality - Teens wearing VR headsets - Meta Logo made from flower petals

Asus and Lenovo have already announced their intentions to develop headsets Meta has been pouring tens of billions of dollars into the development of augmented and virtual reality technology, though without yet seeing the popularity it had expected in its Quest operating system. Now it is making moves to broaden its appeal It appears that Meta may be making moves to make its own augmented and virtual reality platform more accessible than Apple has done with its Vision Pro mixed reality headset that currently comes with a price tag of…

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Lenovo smart shoe works as mobile game controller and fitness tracker

lenovo smart shoe

The company has worked in partnership with Vibram to create a new form of wearable technology. A new type of wearable tech has now found its way in the spotlight in the form of the Lenovo smart shoe, which has been designed to work not only as a type of activity tracker, but also as a mobile game controller. These wearables can count the number of steps a wearer takes while estimating the number of calories burned. The Lenovo smart shoe made its first appearance in San Francisco at the…

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Project Tango smartphone from Google and Lenovo to launch this summer

project tango

The two technology giants have partnered up to create a device with cutting edge 3D location tech. Google and Lenovo have revealed that they will be releasing a smartphone from Project Tango, this summer, which will feature indoor tracking like nothing that has ever been seen on mobile phones by way of 3D location technology and augmented reality. The idea is to allow people to further enhance their navigation of the world through their smartphones. The partnership with Google was announced by Lenovo during the CES 2016, which was held…

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Augmented reality glasses patented by Lenovo

augmented reality glasses patent (note: these are not real ar)

This suggests that the company is looking to create their own wearable technology product like Google Glass. It has recently been discovered that Lenovo has patented a pair of augmented reality glasses that could reflect the intentions of the company to create its own version of Google Glass. That said, just because a patent has been filed, it doesn’t guarantee that the product will ever be sold. What is known is that Lenovo has filed to obtain a basic patent for what was described as an “Electronic Device and Sound…

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