Wearable technology brings clothing that responds to background music

wearable technology botfactory squink

A new high tech shirt called Sync uses LED that pulses in response to tunes in the room. A new VJ shirt called Sync is among the latest entries into the wearable technology category, bringing with it an integration of LED into a plus sign design, which pulses in response to background music that it detects. The wearable tech product is from CRTED, a design consultancy and R&D lab from New York City. The company used the innovations in circuitry and hardware from startup Botfactory in order to be able…

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Wearable technology fashion show dazzles NYC

3D printed shoes wearable technology

From Google Glass to shoes made in a 3D printer, it looks as though tech based apparel is coming our way. Until very recently, wearable technology was a concept essentially limited to stiff looking smartwatches, fitness tracking wrist bands, stick-ons, and even the occasional necklace pedometer. However, New York City was among the first to see this category transformed into something fashionable. If there’s one thing that could be said about wearable technology of virtually all kinds, until now, it’s that it wasn’t very attractive. As fun and functional as…

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