Vital elements of mobile marketing to be revealed at the IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit

Mobile Marketing Event

At his IMMBN Mobile Marketing Virtual Summit seminar on August 30, 2011, Dan Hollings will be speaking about the best ways with which to build a business using mobile marketing techniques. Dan Hollings is widely considered to be a marketing renaissance man in Hollywood by big business and higher education, and is consulted for the best marketing strategies and blueprints in the world. ABC News has referred to the marketing campaign that Dan Hollings created for the film “The Secret” as one that will “go down in history as the…

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It’s not too soon to think about…M-commerce pros teach top practices for the holidays


M-commerce is slowly making its way into North America after having made huge ground in other parts of the world, and businesses are starting to take notice and are seeking the best practices that they can use in preparation for the holiday season. Mobile marketing and commerce show a great deal of promise with regards to establishing and growing relationships between a consumer and a brand; particularly during the most important shopping season of the year. This has meant that companies are consulting experts and are educating themselves to be…

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QR Codes and Smartphones…The Dynamic Duo Delivers!

Domex Superfresh Growers, a leading grower and distributor of fruits in the North Western United States, recently received recognition from the prestigious American Advertising Federation. The company caught the federation’s eye with their re-imagined website and use of QR codes. Their use of emerging mobile marketing trends earned them the reward on March 24 and has grown their customer base exponentially. “We have always made our efforts to connect with consumers a top priority,” says marketing and communications manager Loren Queen. Educating consumers about the benefits of healthy fruit has…

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