QR codes may be doing more harm than good to small businesses

Small Business Mobile Marketing

When it comes to small business, QR codes are often seen as a valuable marketing tool. Given the versatility of the codes, this notion is often correct, but there is another side to the coin that goes almost universally unacknowledged. Chris Smith of KeyRelevence, a prominent SEO and marketing firm based in Dallas, Texas, says that using the codes to boost business is a double edged sword. While awareness of the codes is certainly spreading throughout the nation, the majority of consumers are still unfamiliar with them. Smith says that…

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Gathering of business owners will be made aware of the existence and value of QR codes

Rocky Hill, Connecticut River

Later this week, local business men and women of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, will be gathering at the city’s Chamber of Commerce to participate in a monthly networking gathering. The monthly meeting has long been a place where business owners could come together to collaborate or share new ideas. This month, the topic of QR codes will be discussed in some length. The codes have been gaining popularity throughout the state – indeed, the country – and businesses both big and small are growing eager to take advantage of the blocky…

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