10 Eye-Popping Games for Your iPad’s Retina Display

ipad games

Make the most of the amazing new display feature on the iPad. This isn’t the only new features, but certainly a really cool on for gamers and that sharp experience. With plenty to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start! The new iPad brings with it an amazing display that is so unbelievably clear that the hands on experience is better than ever before. Everything is better from the wireless connection to the camera. Your photos are literally at your fingertips making the iPad games better and…

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The number of mobile gamers in the United States has broken the 100 million mark

mobile gaming

Newzoo, an international market research firm, has released a new report that is drawing attention to the rapidly growing popularity of gaming over mobile devices. It was entitled “Mobile Games Trend Report”, and it showed that the number of people in the United States who use their smartphone, tablet computer, or iPod Touch mobile devices for playing video games is now greater than 100 million. What Newzoo found was that among the American gamers who played on their mobile devices, 69 percent used their smartphones, while 21 percent were using…

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Nokia to develop a new generation of games powered by NFC technology

Nokia Main Headquarters

Telecommunications giant Nokia has been investing heavily into NFC technology lately. The company has targeting the emerging mobile commerce industry as a prime opportunity for growth and has begun producing a number of NFC-enabled smart phones. NFC is becoming increasingly associated with its uses in mobile commerce, but Nokia knows that the technology can be used for more than just mobile payments. The company is looking to use the technology to make mobile gaming more interactive. Nokia has grown fond of the concept of interactive gaming. The growing number of…

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Why Google+ strategies are making Apple and Facebook sweat


Google has dipped its toe into the videogame pool, in a move that is making both the current leaders in next generation game platforms, Apple and Facebook, nervous. Moreover, they should be sweating as Google moves forward in its efforts to move beyond the current sales cut of 30 percent which has become typical with Apple and Google. Punit Soni, the product manager for Google+ Games stated in an interview that Google will begin by sharing 95 percent of its virtual goods revenues which are sold with the developers, therefore…

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