Augmented reality could be a boon for news outlets

Augmented Reality turning print ads into interactive media

Augmented reality could help revitalize news Augmented reality could provide news organizations with the clout they need in order to remain relevant to modern consumers, especially in regards to print. The advent of mobile technology has put a heavy strain on the publishing business. More consumers are using their mobile devices to find content online, rather than purchasing physical books and newspapers. Though mobile technology is one of the reasons print has been suffering lately, it may also be the thing that saves the print business, especially for news outlets.…

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LA Times launches augmented reality application

augmented reality video

Augmented reality application could engage consumers on a new level The Los Angeles Times has launched a new augmented reality application, joining other news publications in the country in the adoption of interactive technology. The augmented reality application, called iD Print, was launched on the opening day of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The application makes use of software developed by In8 Mobile, a developer of mobile applications with a penchant for augmented reality. The LA Times is the latest in a growing list of news publications that have…

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Top Headlines for Apps and Mobile Marketing Around the World

Augmented Reality Technology Global Mcommerce Growth

Mobile advertising and apps have skyrocketed in their popularity, leading to an ever-increasing number of headlines around the world involving the latest developments in apps, QR codes, augmented reality, and statistics. In apps news, many companies are seeing the popularity of mobile marketing and are facing a struggle as to whether or not it would be effective for them to come up with their own app to be used for advertising purposes. Brands are now needing to consider a number of new issues before they can decide to take on…

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