Mobile commerce performance considerably improves at J.C. Penney

Mobile Commerce

Keynote Systems has reported that the retailer’s site is now loading twice as fast as previously. According to the latest results of the mobile commerce index from Keynote Systems, the homepage for J.C. Penney Co. Inc. was able to slash its load time in half by 1.78 seconds. On average, the department store was able to load its page in 7.21 seconds, a considerable improvement. The rule of thumb, according to Keynote, is that the lighter a mobile commerce website is, the better it will perform. This was how J.C.…

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Mobile commerce index performance at Barnes & Noble tops the rest

mobile commerce 1 top performance

However, the same ranking system showed that Sears is struggling where the bookstore excelled. Among all of the 30 retailers that are ranked on the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index, it was Barnes & Noble that led the rest, during the week that ended on February 10. The website of the retailer had an average load time that was a super fast 4.80 seconds. Furthermore, the smartphone friendly website was not only able to load quickly, but it did so successfully 99.78 percent of the time. This, according to the…

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Mcommerce website at Victoria’s Secret is underperforming

mobile commerce victoria's secret

Keynote Systems has identified loading struggles on the lingerie retailer’s mobile homepage. According to the most recent report from Keynote Systems, the Victoria’s Secret Direct mobile homepage was recorded as being able to load successfully only 97.79 percent of the time. However, this has still allowed the company’s position to move up from the very bottom of the index. On the week that ended on January 20, the Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index registered Victoria’s Secret Direct as having moved up slightly from its spot at 21 out of a…

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