Augmented reality education in Canada


Augmented reality education gaining ground Augmented reality has gotten a lot of attention recently for its uses in gaming and entertainment. The technology is often used to provide consumers with engaging experiences that are meant to focus their interests around certain products or activities. Indeed, this is one of the major features of augmented reality that has proven attractive to technology companies like Google. Augmented reality has more practical uses, however, as exhibited by students at the Calgary Science School in Alberta, Canada. These students are drawing more attention to…

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Junaio augmented reality browser receives a major update

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Metaio aims to simplify Junaio app Augmented reality developer Metaio has announced an overhaul for its Junaio augmented reality browser application. Junaio has become a very popular application for those interested in augmented reality. The app is capable of bringing to life a wide array of digital experiences that are hidden in the real world. It can also be used for practical purposes, such as finding directions to local stores and similar information. As augmented reality becomes more popular, Metaio believes that the time has come to make its Junaio…

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Metaio makes augmented reality development more inclusive with new SDK

Augmented Reality

Those without programming knowledge will soon be able to develop their own augmented reality apps Making development more inclusive for those that do not have extensive education in programming is becoming a popular theme in the world of technology. Many people have innovative and creative ideas that are well suited for mobile applications, games, and other such software, but lack the know-how to make their ideas a reality. Programming is key to turning these ideas into a real product, but many people do not have the time to learn the…

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ARworks creates virtual fashion show for Vodafone

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Augmented reality and fashion join forces once again Telecommunications company Vodafone has teamed with ARworks, a developer of augmented reality applications, to bring new technology to its upcoming fashion show. ARworks has developed an experience for Vodafone built upon the JUNAIO augmented reality platform. Augmented reality is becoming more popular in the world of fashion, especially for designers who are looking for a new medium through which to show off their talent. Consumers have taken a liking to augmented reality because of the interactive experience it provides. Augmented reality fashion…

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AR browser Junaio receives update enabling it to scan QR codes

Junaio App

As augmented reality continues to grow more advanced, real life may be becoming more like the Internet. Metaio, an augmented reality developing firm based in Germany, aims to make this a reality with their AR browser Junaio. The application allows users to see a world integrated with virtual reality, enabling them to interact with the digital aspects as they would while browsing the Internet. Despite the appeal of augmented reality, a mobile app does not seem complete if it cannot scan barcodes. So, Metaio has updated their platform so that…

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