Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant misses its mark

Voice assistant - Job Cuts

The company is now making the largest cuts in its history to the teams working on that technology. The teams at Amazon that have been working on the Alexa voice assistant are being hit by the largest job cuts the company has ever seen. The concept of Alexa was first created by Jeff Bezos more than a decade ago on a whiteboard. In Bezos’ vision of the voice assistant, it would provide the user with help in completing a full spectrum of different tasks ranging from reading a bedtime story…

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Jeff Bezos blames Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman for smartphone hack

smartphone hack - Jeff Bezos

The Amazon founder and CEO claims the Saudi Arabian crown prince was behind the 2018 breach. Amazon founder, president and CEO, Jeff Bezos has accused Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman of a 2018 smartphone hack. Bezos said he was the victim of hacking that year and pointed the finger directly at the crown prince. According to Bezos, he received a WhatsApp message which was apparently sent from the crown prince’s personal account. He stated that after that, his account was hacked. The message was encrypted and was from…

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Amazon Fire smartphone unveiled

Amazon fire tablet smartphone jeff bezos mobile marketing

The massive online marketplace has finally revealed its long awaited smartphone. After months of rumors that have been flying about a possible smartphone from the online shopping giant, the Amazon Fire has finally been unveiled by the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. The mobile device features a 4.7 inch display and is presumably based on the Kindle operating system. The Amazon Fire has an HD display and a Snapdragon 2.2 GHz quad core processor. It will become available for purchase as of July 25 and will be sold exclusively through AT&T.…

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How closely will the Amazon Kindle tablet resemble the iPad?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon technology news

Information about the latest Amazon Kindle tablet has been leaked, providing insight into what can be expected from its upcoming release. As far as the unofficially released information has indicated, the device will be a 7 inch color touch screen which will not have any physical buttons. Its operating system was built on a foundation of an older version of Android which was then constructed into a wholly new interface that is fully integrated with the apps from Amazon such as the MP3 Cloud Player, the Kindle Reader, the Amazon…

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