Mobile marketing in China to see large transformation through, Tencent partnership

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The two giants are going to look for new ways to use their big data resources for brand recognition building. Giants Tencent Holdings Limited and Ltd have now joined into a partnership that they have jointly announced as one that is meant to help to change the way mobile marketing occurs in China when it comes to the e-commerce ecosystem. The goal of the deal between the two companies is to offer innovative new smartphone advertising solutions. The announcement pointed out that and Tencent intend to have the…

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Chinese firms are finding success in mobile commerce

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Chinese companies are establishing dominance in the mobile space A new report from Morgan Stanley shows that Chinese Internet companies are showing better performance in many aspects than their counterparts in the United States. In particular, Chinese e-commerce companies are finding significant success due to their greater focus on the mobile space. Mobile commerce is beginning to become more influential throughout the world, and Chinese companies are proving that they can perform better in this sector than companies in other parts of the world. Alibaba sees 51% of its business…

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Tencent is growing bolder in the mobile commerce space

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Mobile commerce competition is intensifying in China As China’s mobile commerce market continues to boom, Tencent is beginning to feel extreme pressure due to competition from Alibaba. Competition in the mobile space is growing fierce, but Alibaba currently controls 84% of the market. Tencent does hold a strong place in China and beyond, however, because of its popular WeChat messaging application and mobile gaming platform. Tencent has been working to turn its messaging app into a mobile commerce service with the help of Tencent hopes to expose millions of…

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Alibaba finds success in mobile commerce

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Company has posted the results of its first quarter Alibaba, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, has posted its first quarter results, showing that mobile has played a major role in the company’s overall performance. The mobile sector has been growing in China. More people are gaining access to mobile devices and are beginning to use smartphones and tablets in their daily lives. As such, mobile commerce has emerged as a powerful force in China, and Alibaba has positioned itself to take advantage of this growing sector. Revenue is growing…

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Competition is heating up in China’s mobile commerce space

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Alibaba may soon see its position threatened in China China’s e-commerce space may soon see a significant shift in power. Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce and Internet organizations in the world, is preparing to launch an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. This has taken a significant degree of the company’s focus, and created an opportunity for its competitors to make moves to establish their own dominance in the digital commerce field. set to begin selling products through the Mobile QQ platform, Alibaba’s chief…

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