Technology news explodes with 9 million iPhone sales

Apple Music app

The tech world looks back over the launch weekend of the two latest Apple gadgets. Apple has now released its technology news data regarding the launch of its iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and the sales that they were achieved over their opening weekend, which did manage to break records. The manufacturer did not release any of the pre-sale data which left analysts scrambling to make predictions. The technology news from the first weekend that the iPhones were for sale – which included all three of the initial days that…

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Apple iOS and Android hold 91 percent of the mobile market

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

New Jumptap network data has shown that Apple iOS and Android, combined, comprise 91 percent of the mobile operating system market. This information is based on the over 95 million monthly users of the Jumptap network – a targeted mobile advertising firm – and shows that both types of OS achieved new records in January 2012. It was published within the company’s February MobileSTAT. Android managed to reach a 58.8 percent market share, while iOS came to a 32.2 percent level. On the other hand, BlackBerry dropped to its own…

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Study shows latest iPhone doubles the consumption of data

iphone 4S

According to a recent study, the latest Apple mobile phone release, the iPhone 4S, consumes an average of two times more data than the previous generation of the device, and even more than the iPad tablets, as a result of the growing use of its online services such as Siri, the virtual personal assistant. This latest device has been in users’ hands since October 2011, and the small improvements that were made to it over its previous version brought disappointment to many reviewers and analysts, but this didn’t stop the…

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Will it be a bumpy road for m-commerce?

  Even though mobile technology is advancing rapidly, and Smartphone productions and sales are way up; there is something that isn’t quite right. While mobile commerce is booming, a recent study says it is leaving most users frustrated and disappointed with the whole process. The statistics show that mobile device use is growing at incredible speeds. The world wants to be mobile, and consumers are demanding to be provided with tools that allow them to do it. It’s more about the data, than the phone; people use their cell phones…

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