Will Apple Pay QR codes become an option for iPhone users?

Apple Pay QR codes - Person using Apple Pay

The tech giant is reportedly researching ways to integrate the barcodes into future mobile payments. Apple Pay QR codes don’t currently exist, as iPhone users must employ near field communication (NFC) technology to complete a mobile payment transaction. However, growing information suggests that the iPhone maker is looking into secure barcode scans. A growing body of evidence suggests that the company is looking into ways to make Apple Pay QR codes secure to scan to complete transactions. While using NFC based tap or contactless transactions at a retailer’s payment terminal…

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Will QR code reading save Apple sales in China?

iOS 11.3 iphone apple

The iPhone maker is finally working its way into the barcode scanning culture to appeal to Chinese shoppers. QR code reading is a regular part of daily life in mainland China, but Apple hasn’t taken part in this trend. Now, the company has become one of the last to look to quick response codes to try to appeal to the over 700 million mobile device users in the country. The barcodes haven’t seen nearly as much use in the western world as they have in China, where they are regularly…

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QR codes can be read with a properly adjusted camera app

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A new tweak is being shared online to help to convert the application on iOS devices into scanners. A new Cydia tweak that has been called “QR Mode” is giving iOS mobile device users the opportunity to convert the stock Camera application into a scanner for QR codes. This particular tweak to the Camera application on iPhones and iPads was developed by Simon Selg. Selg’s tweak allows the mobile app to be able to recognize all forms of QR codes. Moreover, the tweak to the application is capable of recognizing…

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