Mobile commerce sales from iPhones finally match market-leading iPads

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Tablet based shopping is growing in numbers and in transaction size, but smartphones are catching up. According to Bizrate Insights Q1 2016 data that has been recently released, mobile commerce sales being transacted over iPhones have now caught up to the lead which has previously been held by iPads. The larger screen tablet devices had previously been seen as m-commerce drivers but their sales share has declined. It is not that tablet shopping is drooping. In fact, it is continuing a healthy growth rate, particularly over iPads. However, iPhones have…

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Mobile commerce through iPhones has reached a 5 percent share of the marketplace

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This notable online shopping portion of website traffic is coming from Apple devices. Mobile commerce is having a surprising impact on the online shopping environment, and iPhones are holding a particularly large position in this evolution. Though this platform has yet to fully come into its own, this certainly doesn’t mean it’s slow. Individuals worldwide are using their smartphones to make purchases through mobile commerce apps and optimized websites. The leading online shopping sites have reported that an average of 3.31 percent of the visits that are made to their…

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Holiday shopping research shows Apple devices account for 9 out of 10 mobile purchases

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This year more than ever before, retailers have benefitted from holiday shopping that has been done through mobile devices and, according to this year’s RichRelevance study on the subject, 90 percent of the purchases came from iPhones and iPad devices. The results of the study also suggested that there is no end to the mobile shopping trend anywhere in the near future. In fact, it is predicted that it will only accelerate due to the fact that there are already over 24 million tablet users and 90 million smartphone users…

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