Mobile commerce sales from iPhones finally match market-leading iPads

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Tablet based shopping is growing in numbers and in transaction size, but smartphones are catching up. According to Bizrate Insights Q1 2016 data that has been recently released, mobile commerce sales being transacted over iPhones have now caught up to the lead which has previously been held by iPads. The larger screen tablet devices had previously been seen as m-commerce drivers but their sales share has declined. It is not that tablet shopping is drooping. In fact, it is continuing a healthy growth rate, particularly over iPads. However, iPhones have…

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Tablet commerce could soon be led by a much larger device

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Speculations are flying about an iPad to launch in 2015 with a massive 12.9 inch screen. At the same time that the world is closely watching Apple’s movements just ahead of its September 9 event date in which it is expected to launch the iPhone 6 and possibly even a smartwatch (currently known as the iTime or the iWatch), speculations are also circulating about the impact that the company could make on tablet commerce in 2015. Technology news reports are circulating with regard to preparations for a very large iPad…

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Tablet commerce is being driven by iPad users

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These specific devices are making a considerable difference in the overall m-commerce landscape, as well. The global landscape within the tablet commerce environment may have reached an all time high in terms of competition, but the iPad devices from Apple have managed to hold their position as the firm leader in this segment of e- and m-commerce. New industry data has recently been revealed that has shown the continuation of the trend. This data was published by MMW and has revealed that the majority of transactions that occur over mobile…

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Tablet commerce is slowing for Apple’s iPad

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The technology giant is no longer experiencing an acceleration of shipments for those devices. According to some of the latest mobile technology industry data, while the tablet commerce competition for Apple experienced a growth of their device shipments of 79 percent over the last year, Apple’s growth was notably lower at 13 percent. At the same time, while market saturation approaches for these devices, the company could still hold strong. The report by ABI research indicated that even though there have been notable challenges along the way, as the tablet…

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Tablet commerce website optimization has gone live at Stella & Dot

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The online fashion retailers new mobile site has been updated to make things easier for hosts and customers. The massive international jewelry and accessories online retailer, Stella & Dot has now launched its tablet commerce optimized site which has been created in order to provide convenience and options for their stylists and their customers on their favorite devices. The stylists are the individuals who host the parties that will sell to their friends and family. What the company has found is that between 80 and 90 percent of the traffic…

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