Research shows iOS sees the highest level of browsing on the mobile web

Mobile Commerce

According to the results of research conducted by NetMarketShare, the operating system through which there is the most mobile web browsing is Apple’s iOS. The study showed that in December 2011, 52.10 percent of browsing on the mobile web originated from iPhones and iPads, while Android devices represented only 16.29 percent of mobile web browsing. Equally, 7.67 percent of all web browsing came from a smartphone or tablet device, which is a notable increase from February 2011, when it was only 3.88 percent. The second largest mobile web browsing share,…

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Water cooler talk hovering around Apple’s World Developers Conference 2011

Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2011

  The World Wide Developers Conference is next month and all ready the assumptions are flying about what the Apple iOS 5 will have to offer. With so many improvements and additions over the last four years there isn’t much left to add. However, the speculation is that the iOS 5 will introduce file management systems. Revelation of the iCloud earlier this week hints that Apple may be looking at file management and sharing.  Many have been puzzled as to why there are no means to attach, edit or share…

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