Google announces mobile marketing tracking overhaul for Android

The tech giant intends to completely change its ad targeting, though not for a couple of years. Google has announced that it will be altering its mobile marketing tracking on the Android operating system which runs on billions of devices worldwide. The move is a response to a privacy issue that its top rival Apple has already addressed in iOS. The mobile marketing move has already been made be Apple, which made a similar shift for its iPhones. This strategy to alter ad tracking is the result of rising pressure…

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Mobile marketing in-app purchase label created by Apple

Apple mobile payments

As freeware applications increase in popularity, the opportunities for shopping are also rising. As iOS developers increase the number of freeware applications that are available to Apple device users, it has encouraged that manufacturer to create its own mobile marketing label for in-app purchases in order to keep up with the rapidly rising deployment of opportunities of that nature. The dynamics of the App Store have been consistently changing because of this trend. Therefore, Apple has responded by making mobile marketing more transparent, when in-app purchases are present within an…

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The harm being caused to Android by monetization issues

Mobile marketing strategy

According to a Flurry report, the platform is being killed by low developer revenues. Flurry has released the results of its mobile marketing study, which has shown that Android is suffering from a serious monetization issue, as its developers are being paid only 24 cents for every dollar made by those for iOS. Flurry’s vice president of marketing, Peter Farago, explained that there are three primary reasons that are causing the monetization gap at Android. Android payments are not seamless, as Google Wallet has not spread rapidly enough. The Google…

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