Mobile security fingerprint ID from Apple opened to designers

mobile technology news fingerprint biometrics security

The technology giant has announced that it will be opening up its identification tech to app creators. Apple has announced that it will be giving mobile app designers an additional option for mobile security by opening up its fingerprint ID feature that will enable them to toughen up the protection level by another layer. The announcement was made among a range of different revelations at the World Wide Developers conference. This was the 25th anniversary of the event and was the chosen venue for Apple’s announcement that it would be…

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Mobile devices lineup revamped by Apple

iphone5 mobile devices thinking about iPhone 6

The iPad 2 has been ousted by the iPad 4, and a new 8 GB iPhone 5C has been launched in Europe. On Tuesday, Apple decided to shake up its lineup of mobile devices by using its fourth generation iPad tablet to replace the iPad 2 that had previously been sold for $399. Beyond the change in tablet commerce, a less expensive model of the iPhone 5C in European markets. Apple has announced that it will no longer be selling its iPad 2 mobile devices, which had continued to be…

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Android leads the way as mobile connections soar

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

According to a number of market reports, Google’s Android is leading the way to bring consumers online using mobile devices, but Apple’s iOS maintains its status at the top in the ad department. Smartphones are rapidly replacing feature phones, while tablets and other devices are being used to connect to the internet virtually everywhere. As a result, marketers are beginning to place a significant amount of their attention on how and when consumers are making these internet connections. Among the predictions currently being made, Gartner has forecasted that global mobile…

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