VerifyMe receives invisible QR code system patent in United States

Invisible QR code system - wall of quick response codes

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has granted the patent for its verification tech solution. Digital technology solutions provider, VerifyMe Inc, has received a patent from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for the firm’s invisible QR code system. The company specializes in authentication, counterfeit prevention, serialization and tracking features. “This milestone is an important achievement for our Company, especially as the U.S. government and industries become more and more vigilant against counterfeit goods,” explained Patrick White, the VerifyMe C.E.O. upon the receipt of the patent for its invisible QR…

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QR codes with nearly invisible design created by Visulead

qr code authenticity checks - qr code under magnifying glass

The Israeli startup has just announced its smartphone friendly barcode that “fades” the typical appearance. Ad and graphic designers may just sigh a breath of relief as they hear the news that an Israeli startup called Visulead has produced QR codes with an appearance that “fades” the standard appearance. This new technology is designed to help to beautify the appearance of the barcodes. The popularity of QR codes among marketers and smartphone users is rapidly growing due to their cost effectiveness and because they can be scanned by these very…

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