QR codes are changing the way we memorialize deceased loved ones

QR Codes on headstones

Barcodes on tombstones are allowing mourners to and cemetery visitors to learn about people buried there. Although QR codes may be most recognized for their placement on magazine ad pages and product packaging, there is a growing trend around the world that is also placing them on grave markers in order to allow loved ones to memorialize those who are buried beneath them. They are also allowing other visitors to learn more about the people buried in the cemetery. Though the concept of using QR codes in this way is…

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QR codes heavily used by smartphone owners in the Philippines

Mobile commerce Philippines

Mobile device users are regularly scanning these barcodes. Though QR codes have had a rough time trying to take off in the United States, smartphone users in the Philippines scan the barcodes on a regular basis. This is a large opportunity for mobile marketers and the developers of scanner apps. Garrett Gee is the CEO and co-founder of Scan Inc. The software designer and IT entrepreneur began the startup in Provo, Utah, and is now visiting the Philippines for a short stint. Though this is the first time that he…

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