QR codes are generating mixed results when printed on resumes

Resumes with QR Codes

While some job hunters are finding luck with quick response codes, this is far from universal. There has been a considerable amount of controversy that has arisen regarding the appropriate and effective use of QR codes, ranging from whether or not it is appropriate to add them to tombstones to whether or not consumers are even interested in scanning these barcodes when they are added to posters and print ads. One of the areas in which there has been the largest amount of conflict has been in their use on…

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Interesting and crazy ways QR codes are being used by top designers

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and are being used in creative ways and by top designers. With the increasing popularity of QR codes, these two dimensional barcodes that otherwise seem rather drab, are finding themselves a part of some very cool and creative displays and uses and are being incorporated into the campaigns of some of the top designers. A tattoo artist in Paris, France, named Karl Marc has came up with the idea of creating a QR code that is permanently inked into a person’s skin, and even…

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