QR codes are working their way into fashion

QR codes necktie ties

QR code neckties could represent a new form of mobile marketing instead of business cards. A company called QR Tie is taking the barcodes in the form of QR codes into a new direction by working them directly into men’s neckties that would allow a person’s fashions to link directly to information stored online. The ties come in a number of different styles and allow the wearer to decide when the barcode is visible. Among the styles that are available for the ties featuring QR codes is The Charlie, which…

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Interesting and innovative forms of QR code marketing

Unique QR Codes

Unique QR codes are popping up all over the place. With the growing popularity of two dimensional barcodes to be scanned by mobile devices, QR code marketing is beginning to pop up everywhere we look. For example, Zeodia is now using the scans to help to play videos and slide shows that are available on any hard copy. This video creation technology utilizes the bar codes on a new form of advertising effort through visual displays of brands and products that include engaging videos, which can provided a great deal…

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Interesting and crazy ways QR codes are being used by top designers

qr code video

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and are being used in creative ways and by top designers. With the increasing popularity of QR codes, these two dimensional barcodes that otherwise seem rather drab, are finding themselves a part of some very cool and creative displays and uses and are being incorporated into the campaigns of some of the top designers. A tattoo artist in Paris, France, named Karl Marc has came up with the idea of creating a QR code that is permanently inked into a person’s skin, and even…

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