Mobile commerce will be used by 86 percent of Australians in the next year

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A new survey has shown that the upcoming 12 months will see considerable growth in this market. A new report from InMobi has revealed the results of their research and data analysis, which has shown that over the year that followed the study, almost 86 percent of consumers in Australia intend to engage in mobile commerce. This would represent a growth of 11 percent over the figures recorded at the same time in 2013. About 34 percent of the respondents of the survey feel that mobile commerce has become an…

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Mobile commerce should expand by 15 percent this year

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A new report from InMobi has indicated that the channel is seeing steady positive growth. The 2014 Global Mobile Media Consumption Report has now been released by InMobi that has provided some insight into the latest trends and predictions regarding mobile commerce and the direction that it is taking. The report has looked into the latest habits and trends relating to mobile media. The findings from this report have revealed some details that don’t come as much of a surprise in terms of being true technology news. For example, it…

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Mobile marketing is as “comfortable” for consumers as other forms of advertising

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Smartphone and tablet ads are becoming increasingly commonplace and device users are getting used to seeing them. Although mobile marketing still has a long way to go before it has reached the point where it is truly understood for the best techniques and methods that should be used to reach consumers, device users are expressing an increased tolerance level for this advertising channel. The newly released results of a research study are showing that many consumers equate it with other channels. The latest research released by InMobi is showing that…

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InMobi data shows 771 percent growth of mobile and tablet impressions in 2011

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InMobi, the largest independent mobile network worldwide, has released the results of the Mobile Market 2011 Review – a study it performs every year – which was conducted to analyze and identify trends over the last year, and provide insight into what 2012 will hold for the mobile marketplace. The annual review revealed a growth of 251 percent growth in worldwide impressions over mobile channels within the InMobi network. Furthermore, there was a rise of 488 percent in impressions worldwide originating from smartphones. That said, in the fastest growing InMobi…

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Mobile commerce is taking off in South Africa, says InMobi research

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InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, has released the results of their latest research which has shown that mobile marketing and mobile commerce are both demonstrating indications of record growth across both the Asian Pacific and in Africa. The report released from InMobi regarding this study stated that there was an increase of over 10 percent in the Asian Pacific within the last three months, which has brought the number of impressions to 18 billion. Even greater was the growth in Africa, which was at 21 percent, having grown to…

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