UK ICO to question Meta over child VR safety

Virtual reality - kid using VR headset

UK watchdog officials are concerned that the company isn’t doing enough to keep kids protected. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the United Kingdom intends to continue its questioning of Meta over the safety of its Quest 2 virtual reality headset for children, according to a recent report in The Guardian. The ICO said that it intends to enter into “further discussions” with meta over its VR compliance. This is hardly the start of the scrutiny Meta has faced over the child safety efforts it has and has not made…

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QR code provider fined by regulator for spamming customers

QR code provider - law - fine - gavel

The company was found to have abused its access to personal data for direct marketing purposes. A privacy regulator in the United Kingdom has fined a QR code provider for having abused the access it had to personal data so that it could use it for direct marketing, which it did at the peak of the pandemic. The Information Commissioner’s Office issued the £8000 fine to the firm called The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) issued a notice in which it explained that from St Albans was fined £8000…

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