QR codes used by GM to share Chevy Volt information

Chevrolet QR Codes for Electric car

In response to the need for answers to many questions, the auto manufacturer has gone smartphone friendly. The Chevy Volt, an electric vehicle, has been attracting a growing amount of attention since its release, so in response to the number of questions that consumers have about this new type of plug-in car, GM has created QR codes to help provide more information. The barcodes can be scanned by smartphones to find out more about the vehicles and how they work. The QR codes have been implemented to help GM to…

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QR codes as learning tools

qr codes used in classrooms

Mobile barcodes are moving beyond marketing and into the classroom. QR codes have been taking off throughout the mobile marketing world, but now they are beginning to find a new home in education as well. The barcodes are proving useful in a number of ways beyond the obvious communication with consumers. Previous uses for QR codes have included a number of highly popular campaigns, such as their use at Starbucks, as well as on billboards and product packaging. Now that consumers are beginning to become more familiar with what they…

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