Southeast Asian mobile shopping dominated e-commerce over Chinese New Year

Southeast Asian mobile shopping - mobile shopping app - credit cards

Online buying exploded, as usual, for the holiday, and it was smartphones that made a retail killing. Southeast Asian mobile shopping took off in massive proportions over the recent Chinese New Year, easily becoming the primary driver of e-commerce in the region. In-app purchases were particularly high in the region as shoppers used their phones to purchase. Leading the way in Southeast Asian mobile shopping sales volume increases were Thailand and Singapore. Indonesia’s app traffic volume shot up substantially when compared with October 2020 data. Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and…

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MasterCard will be bringing mobile payments to Indonesian consumers

Indonesia Mobile marketing

According an Asia-Pacific region rep for the leading global payment processing service and credit card company, MasterCard, the company has intentions to create a new form of retail systems that will allow payments to be made using smartphones. Group head of emerging payments in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific for MasterCard Worldwide, Phillip Yen, Indonesia is expected to be one of the top mobile payment markets. They believe that the popularity of this technology could be greater than the standard plastic credit and debit cards, “so we could…

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