Samsung takes lead in rapidly growing Indian smartphone market

samsung indian smartphone market

Vendors shipped an estimated 80 million units of the mobile phones in the country during Q1,Q2 and Q3. The Indian smartphone market is continuing its massive growth rate, having increased by 29 percent last quarter, says research firm CMR. Shipments of the devices are expected to reach the 262 million units mark for the year, by the end of the fourth quarter. This most recent forecast is based on the fact that 80 million mobile handset units shipped by last quarter. CMR data showed that the Indian smartphone market has…

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Smartphone market in India is under Microsoft’s spotlight

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The growth that is being seen in that marketplace is making it highly attractive to this company. India has now managed to establish itself as the largest smartphone market in the world, and Microsoft Devices Group (MDG) is now placing a considerable focus on that part of the world, with a great deal of optimism with regards to building its share within the country. This, according to T. S. Sridhar, the Microsoft Mobile Oy director of mobiles, Nokia India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Microsoft also made certain that whenever there is…

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