Indian Railways soon to use contactless QR code tickets

Contactless QR code tickets - Train in India

Train passengers will also be experiencing check-ins more comparable to those at airports. Indian Railways has announced its plans to start a contactless QR code tickets system across all its stations. Officials have also stated that passengers will also start to see check-in counters more comparable to those at airports. Passengers will use an online ticketing system and will receive an SMS with a URL and quick response barcode. Travelers will make their bookings online. They will automatically receive a confirmation SMS with a URL and a barcode. Once they…

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QR code tickets may help shorten lines at Indian railway stations

india train QR code rail tokens

The National Democratic Alliance government’s cashless economy efforts could align with this move. Indian Railways may soon use QR code tickets to help sell unreserved seats via smartphones. This strategy represents the railway’s move to follow the lead of the National Democratic Alliance government’s hope to create a cashless economy. This could also help to shorten the very long lineups that currently plague the railway station ticket counters. The national carrier intends to post signs that sell QR code tickets. This way, unreserved passengers can scan the quick response codes…

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