Paytm mobile payments revenue spikes by 39 percent

Mobile payments - Revenue soaring

As paying with phones becomes more commonplace, the company is watching its revenue rise. Indian mobile payments company Paytm recorded a year-over-year growth in revenue of 39 percent during the second quarter of 2023, which came to a close on June 30. The company credited increases in gross merchandise value (GMV) for the revenue increase. The mobile payment system and financial technology firm stated that its increase in revenue was attributed to the rising GMV, merchant subscription revenues, and loans the platform distributes. This was announced in the company’s earnings…

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American mobile payments infrastructure half a decade behind India’s

mobile payments infrastructure adoption trends

Ezetap CEO, Bobby Bose, recently stated that the Indian systems are “five years ahead of the U.S.” The American mobile payments infrastructure is far from a global leading marketplace, according to recent Ezetap CEO statements. The head of the Indian mobile payment firm, Bobby Bose, said that his home country’s infrastructure “is probably five years ahead of the U.S.” India is undergoing a massive shift toward the digital marketplace and most consumers are choosing mobile. “India is going through a digitalization of almost everything. It started with commerce, went to…

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