The value of old commerce knowledge for new in store mobile marketing

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

The technology may be different but many of the lessons are still valuable. With the rapid growth of the retail industry and the impact of in store mobile marketing and other forms of virtual and mobile commerce, it is important to be able to keep up with the very latest, without forgetting what has been learned from older techniques. The key is to know how the virtual and physical worlds can merge for a new and stronger paradigm. Retailers need to understand how the experience of the customer can be…

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JiWire study shows 21 percent of shoppers search for coupons while in a store’s location

Mobile Coupons

JiWire has released a new report that shows the results of their recent study that illustrate how important it is to retailers to provide locally relevant content to mobile users who are near or within one of their store locations. The JiWire “Mobile Audience Insights Report” showed that 80 percent of mobile users would like to see locally relevant marketing from retailers. At the same time, it also indicated that 3 out of 4 mobile users have an increased likelihood of taking an action following the receipt of a location-specific…

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Saks Fifth Avenue brings m-commerce to its holiday window display

QR Codes

Saks Fifth Avenue has a tradition of drawing local attention in New York City to its holiday display windows, but this year, it is offering something new by adding customized QR codes that encourage participation in mobile-commerce purchases, too. These two dimensional barcodes allow consumers to use their smartphones or tablet computers to visit the retailer’s mobile store where they can shop for the gifts on their lists, or to view a short video which is being called “the holiday show”. Many are applauding this latest effort by Saks, as…

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Shoppers prepare to skip Black Friday lines with mobile deals

Mobile Payments

As retailers gear up to bring shoppers into their stores for the Black Friday sales this year, online merchants are also arming themselves for their own selling strategy, which will include a range of deals that are available only to online consumers, geared toward people stuck in long lineups. Amazon’s Sam Hall has been encouraging shoppers to use their smartphone’s price check app to make sure that they’re always betting the best deals. Gilt Groupe, which usually starts its multi-site sales at noon, has announced that it will begin its…

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Retailers use the power of mobile to enhance the in-store experience

Mobile commerce for Retailers

As the back to school season hits its peak, retailers are taking advantage of the fact that an increasing number of consumers are using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to comparison shop or obtain information while they are making decisions regarding a purchase. Though brick-and-mortar stores are still using apps to help with online purchases, they are also building apps to help consumers to have an enhanced experience while they are already inside the store. They are trying to improve the way that customers shop, so that…

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