Mobile commerce is clearly on its way up

Mobile Commerce News

A recent Digital Marketer post provided an analysis of the latest stats. Marketing industry online leader, Digital Marketer, has just published a post from Josh Loposer, its managing editor, which looked more deeply into the latest knowledge regarding the upward trend of mobile commerce. The heart of the publication was that businesses that optimize for smartphones are given an advantage. Loposer explained this claim by showing that as such a large number of browsers are operating from smartphones nowadays, businesses that make sure that their websites are mobile commerce friendly…

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Mobile commerce and social solutions remain nonexistent for 32 percent

M-Commerce Industry

Almost one third of companies still have not included them among their strategies. The results of a new mobile commerce study conducted by CloudSense has shown that only 55 percent of firms have put a smartphone, tablet, or social strategy into place, and 13 percent have no intentions of taking part in either of these efforts. The report on the findings showed that these companies often lose important revenue opportunities. According to the CloudSense managing director, Richard Britton, “Our findings show that many businesses are already missing out on revenue…

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Mobile commerce study shows consumers are tremendously attached to their smartphones


Would you rather lose your cell phone or your wedding ring while on vacation? Intel Corporation has just released the results of a study that has shown that while on vacation, people feel more stressed when disconnected from mobile commerce through their devices than they do if their wedding ring goes missing. People build an emotional bond with these devices and feel calmer and less anxious when they have them. When on vacation, the technology access is soothing to travelers. The survey showed that almost half of travelers in the…

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