Mobile commerce market is growing quickly throughout the world

mobile commerce wallet payments

IDC predicts that mobile commerce transactions will grow significantly in the near future Market research firm IDC has predicted that the world will see a dramatic increase in mobile commerce transactions in the coming years, with the Asia Pacific region leading the way in terms of growth. throughout Asia, mobile commerce has been growing at a rapid rate, particularly in China where retailers are beginning to place more emphasis on mobile consumers. Expanding mobile Internet networks and growing smartphone penetration are also making it easier for consumers to participate in…

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Tablet trends no longer show skyrocketing growth

tablet commerce trends

These mobile devices still represent a very healthy market, but the growth is stalling out quite a bit. While there is no mistake that tablet trends are showing that the market for these devices is still quite healthy and isn’t showing any signs of future illness, what has become clear through the most recent data released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), is that the growth of this market has slowed significantly with the market’s maturity. The IDC has now “scaled back its five year forecast for the product category”…

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Wearable technology isn’t seeing astounding sales figures

smartwatch wearable technology

Some are starting to ask whether or not the market is going to die off before it really took hold. Regardless of the dramatic hype that has been generated for products from Google, Apple, and Samsung, there is a growing number of analysts that are starting to say that wearable technology – ranging from smartwatches to augmented reality glasses and fitness bands – may never see the types of sales figures that have been achieved by smartphones or even tablets. The reason, according to some analysts, is that these mobile…

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Smartphone market sees over 300 million device shipments in second quarter

android smartphone market

Figures show that the lead held by Android is continuing to grow within this competitive marketplace. According to some of the most recent IDC reports, the mobile device shipments in the smartphone market during the second quarter of 2014 reached a record breaking 301.3 million. These sales figures were given a considerable boost by the Android based devices sold for less than $200. At the moment, Android smartphones under that price limit have given the operating system a considerable boost in its popularity. That O.S. now holds 84.7 percent of…

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