Is your smartphone battery life suffering because micro USB ports are too small?

tips and tricks smarthpone battery life

Smaller mobile technology may be more portable but it’s getting too tiny to be practical…unless you know these tips! Making sure that your tablet or smartphone battery life is at its very best may not be as easy as it sounds when you need to work with a micro or mini USB port, particularly when it’s the end of the day and you’re not exactly functioning at your best. At that point, the darned things may as well be invisible. Mogix has taken a look at this and many other…

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Lowe’s employees to receive 42,000 iPhones to assist shoppers

Lowe's Mobile Marketing

Lowe’s has announced a new effort to make it simpler for its employees to help customers by arming its store associates with 42,000 iPhones that can complete transactions and will replace the traditional scanners. The iPhones have already started to be implemented by the home improvement retailer in its American and Canadian stores, and the company anticipates the completion of the rollout by the fiscal year’s close. Using the iPhones to replace the scanner guns lets employees answer customer queries more easily and assist them in completing their purchases. According…

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Michael’s to engage holiday shoppers with new QR code campaign

Earlier this year, Michael’s Stores Inc., a specialty retailer catering to the artistic community, announced plans to engage in mobile marketing. The company is quite popular amongst artists for their offering of high-quality supplies and accessories, but has had little to no Internet presence. As consumers become more immersed in mobile technology, the company is in danger of being left behind. One of the tools that could help Michael’s catch up with consumers is QR codes. During this year’s Mobile Marketing Summit 2011 in San Francisco, California, Anthony Price, senior…

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