QR Code Security Issues

QR Code Security

Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are everywhere: posters, product labels, magazines, even fast food packaging, you name it. Functioning along the same principle as bar codes, scanning a QR Code with your smartphone’s camera (providing you have a code reader app) enables you to quickly and easily access a website. No more frantically writing down a website URL on a greasy napkin. QR Codes And Smart Phone Vulnerability Of course, whenever a new convenient technology comes along, there always have to be those kill-joys that need to find a…

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Why do schools like QR codes so much?

QR codes have made their way to the campuses of Abilene Christian University. On Tuesday, students were offered a free barcode scanning app for their smart phones, encouraging students to take advantage of the new codes riddled throughout the campus. The codes are allowing students to access digital content on their mobile devices and will help them connect with fellow students. The codes will also be used to promote school events. The school’s library has already implemented the codes as a way to give students additional access to the facility’s…

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