Mobile commerce tactics allows consumers more opportunity to buy

mobile shopping

Home Depot’s own effort includes a brand new mobile checkout procedure. Mobile marketing is not only an effort to help to spread awareness about a brand or a product, but it often also has to do with taking part in the shopping experience itself. Many smartphone owners use their devices at many different points throughout the shopping process. By catering to that behavior, businesses and brands can take much more effective steps toward incorporating purchases into the natural daily habits of the smartphone consumer. One of the more common examples…

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Home Depot bumps up mobile holiday strategy with ad campaign

Home Depot Mobile Site

Home Depot has announced that it is giving its holiday season mobile presence a boost by using a mobile ad campaign that consumers can use to help find the gifts and products that they’re seeking. The massive home improvement and renovation company is using Pandora to run mobile banner ads. These ads send mobile device users to the m-commerce website, where they can browse and purchase the top must-have items for the season. The banner ad says “Update Your Toolbox With Holiday Savings. Shop Tools.” When it’s tapped, they are…

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QR code system that remembers what you buy may be coming to major retail stores

QR Code

As the marketing industry becomes saturated with QR codes, the practice of tracking the codes performance is becoming more popular. Retailers are beginning to see the benefits of tracking QR code campaigns, as the valuable analytic data they derive from the codes can be used to make more effective campaigns in the future. Target, Home Depot and Macy’s are now looking to incorporate a QR code system that will remember specific customers, allowing retailers to use one code to reach thousands of different people. The concept is simple enough. When…

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