Pilot program of a holographic QR code display begins at Aloft Hotel

Holographic Hotel Concierge

Aloft Hotel has announced that it will be testing a new program that involves QR codes to provide guests with a holographic concierge that will be able to assist them with convenient access to information as well as discount offers and promotions from businesses nearby. The pilot program involves the use of a life-sized cutout of a hotel concierge, which is located in Aloft’s lobby, and onto which a holographic image is projected. This holographic person can then provide the hotel’s guests with information about the best places to golf,…

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QR codes within 3D images help consumers find deals

With the ever increasing popularity of QR codes, the technology is always being used for new and innovative applications. Among the most recent is the use of QR codes for three dimensional hologram generation. The Marketing Ad Group has announced that it has achieved incorporation of QR codes into the message from its Holographic Greeter/Concierge. When these two types of technology were brought together, the outcome was the display of a holographic image displayed upon a cut-out that is life-size. The result is that the Holographic Greeter can be displayed…

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