Mobile commerce is changing retail

Mobile commerce for Retailers

Retailers are beginning to adapt and embrace mobile commerce The retail industry has been undergoing something of a revolution in recent years, sparked by the increasingly important role technology is playing in the lives of people around the world. Mobile technology, in particular, has come to play an important role in society and as more people rely on their mobile devices in their everyday lives, retailers are beginning to feel the pressure to accommodate the needs of these people more adequately. For most retailers, this means embracing mobile commerce and…

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It’s not too soon to think about…M-commerce pros teach top practices for the holidays


M-commerce is slowly making its way into North America after having made huge ground in other parts of the world, and businesses are starting to take notice and are seeking the best practices that they can use in preparation for the holiday season. Mobile marketing and commerce show a great deal of promise with regards to establishing and growing relationships between a consumer and a brand; particularly during the most important shopping season of the year. This has meant that companies are consulting experts and are educating themselves to be…

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