Mobile commerce fail could cost UK retailers billions

mobile commerce london england UK

It has been estimated that £2.5 billion could be missed by companies that overlook consumer expectations. This year is expected to represent the holiday shopping season in which mobile commerce will play the most vital role in the history of online purchasing, but a recent analysis by Jumio, Inc. has suggested that retailers remain unprepared and will pay the price for it. Outdated mobile checkout experiences will cost retailers an estimated £2.5 billion this holiday season. That is the figure that Jumio has stated will be missed by retailers as…

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Mcommerce survey shows use of channel will boost holiday sales

Holiday m-commerce shopping present

The research has shown that shopping can be boosted on a number of different levels. A recent survey performed by MarketLive regarding mcommerce has shown that in the upcoming busiest shopping season of the year, this channel can play an exceptionally important role in increasing sales, on a broad spectrum of different levels. The multi-channel shopper survey indicated that 16 percent of people plan to shop exclusively over mobile. This means that all of their gift buying purchasing will occur on the mcommerce apps and websites of their favorite stores,…

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Mobile shoppers won’t wait for Black Friday to start holiday shopping

Holiday Mobile Shopping Trends

PayPal has stated that they don’t believe mobile shoppers have any intention of waiting for Black Friday before they begin their holiday shopping this year. Instead, PayPal believes that the day before Thanksgiving will announce the start of the mobile shopping season. This will bring about the first wave of hunters who will be out looking for great products at the right price. Experienced shoppers won’t wait for shopping days like Cyber Monday, as previous years have shown those manufactured days to be more hype than anything else. The online…

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