QR codes get a Hershey Kiss this holiday season

QR Codes Chocolate

The candy manufacturer has now piloted a SmartLabel program including quick response codes. Hershey Co. has decided to take a step back toward simplicity in terms of its ingredients, at the same time that it has stepped forward into technology when it comes to its labeling, by adding QR codes to the packaging for its classic Kisses and chocolate bars. Launched for the holiday season, these Hershey products will not contain any artificial flavors. The products in the Holiday Hershey’s Kisses packages will not only be free of artificial flavors,…

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Hershey’s becomes inundated with QR codes from human rights advocacy groups

QR Code Campaign

Hershey’s, the illustrious chocolate company, has come under fire for alleged labor violations. The allegations are spurred by the notorious process of cocoa production, which has traditionally be rife with unfair practices and dangerous working conditions. Hershey’s has confronted these sorts of accusations in the past, but a new campaign seeks to ruffle the company’s feathers. Such campaigns are often overlooked, however, and so those involved have opted to make use of QR codes to spread the word and garner support. The campaign is called Raise the Bar, Hershey! Several…

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