Mhealth QR code app wins AKU Hackathon prize

scan qr code app

The mobile application would help to overcome struggles faced in many hospital emergency rooms. The first ever medical hackathon to take place in Pakistan has announced an mhealth QR code app as a winner. The event took place at the Aga Khan University. The mobile app may prove helpful in overcoming hospital ER challenges. The winning team was called *HistorER* and used a unique quick response code system. The QR code app could be used in emergency rooms to provide medical teams with patient histories. A major struggle facing ER…

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QR codes on Zego bars keep allergic consumers informed

Zego bars qr codes

These quick response codes will help customers to know if the products are safe for them to consume. Zego has just given a boost to the allergy friendliness of its energy bar products by adding QR codes that consumers can scan to make sure that the product does not include any ingredients to which they are allergic. The quick response codes are printed onto the product package to provide real time consumer safety data. The wrappers and boxes for the Zego bars include a system of QR codes that is…

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QR codes help take on dengue outbreaks

dengue qr codes mosquito

A Gravitrap equipped with quick response codes can help to keep people informed. A new tool has now become available in Singapore that is designed to use QR codes to help people to gain quick and easy accurate information about dengue, in order to be able to better battle outbreaks of the disease. This tool, which has already proven to be helpful, will now use quick response codes to boost effectiveness. The tool is called the Gravitrap. It functions by capturing female mosquitoes that are ready to lay their eggs.…

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QR codes used to next generation medical bracelet

mhealth qr codes

QR codes are not just marketing tools QR codes are most often seen in magazines and newspapers as part of advertisements designed to engage mobile consumers. They have been quite effective in this purpose and have managed to become a staple for marketers that operate in the mobile space. One of the reasons QR codes have become so successful in the marketing field is because of their ability to quickly distribute information. This particular quality could prove to be advantageous in the field of health care. ENDEVR introduced new coded…

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QR codes featured by San Diego health club

QR codes gym sports

The fitness industry in the city has now had its introduction to the technology for smartphone users. The Sporting Club, a health club in San Diego, has just integrated technology using QR codes into its location by creating instructional videos to help to enhance the experience of smartphone carrying members. This is not the first time that the barcodes have been applied to the industry as a whole. Other organizations, from gyms to school fitness programs, have already successfully used QR codes to quickly link smartphone users to videos that…

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