Top insurers begin the use of mobile apps for health support

mhealth industry

Health insurers have taken a technological leap forward by introducing new wellness and diagnostic apps that their policyholders can use with their mobile devices. The largest American health coverage plans are now offering mobile websites and other capabilities for these devices that allow their customers to obtain the information they need, such as the contact information of a physician, their member card information, or a billing address. Furthermore, there will also soon be apps available that will have a more direct connection to the health of the patient. The hope…

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FierceBiotech IT tests mobile technology with senior pharma, biotech, and IT leaders


FierceBiotech IT has been updating pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IT leaders on the ways in which technology is moving forward, and that includes the use of mobile for the shaping of clinical research and trials. Mobile developers are already starting to make ground with some of the large drug making companies (and their deep pockets), as they come up with new devices and apps that help to streamline the various processes for product development, marketing and advertising, and sales. The mobile industry is starting to believe that there is a significant place…

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Health industry ripe for mobile commerce growth

Mobile Commerce Trends

Mobile technology is exploding in all areas of business. While most people think about what new games will come out or how they can use the NFC technology to pay for items or market their products; one area has been almost invisible to us. The medical field has numerous opportunities for mobile applications. According to one major health research institute, the consumer market for mobile or remote monitoring devices starts at around 7 billion dollars. Doctors, hospitals and other healthcare service providers are also using various forms of wireless technology.…

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