BMW to make their augmented reality windshield 3D

Augmented Reality Windshield Example

Earlier this year, automaker BMW unveiled plans to incorporate an augmented reality heads-up-display system in their future vehicles. The initial plans were rudimentary as the company had yet to determine how they would want the system to work. Early concepts of the system would have transformed a windshield of a vehicle into an oversized GPS screen, filled with 2D images that directed drivers to their destinations. BMW, however, was not entirely satisfied with the design and has decided to add more flare. The automaker has announced a new version of…

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InsideAR 2011 conference shows of head-mounted system and DIY AR platform

InsideAR 2011 conference

Last week’s InsideAR 2011 conference held in Munich, Germany, and hosted by Metaio, a technology company specializing in augmented reality, brought to light some of the most innovative developments to come to augmented reality ever. Augmented reality technology has always been leaps and bounds ahead of conventional hardware, limiting the use of the technology a great deal. Now, however, hardware technology is advancing at a much more rapid pace than it had been two decades ago, enabling developers to push the boundaries of technology and find out what augmented reality…

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