QR codes used by produce grower to build connection with shoppers

Tanimura produce QR Codes

Tanimura & Antle has chosen to use consumers’ own smartphones to build a better relationship. In order to provide shoppers with more tips and information about the use of their produce, Tanimura & Antle has launched a program using QR codes in the hopes to build a connection with the people who are buying their products. These barcodes could be added to produce without adding any extra bulk. Being able to provide considerable information without adding size or weight was important, as produce is typically weighed in order to determine…

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QR codes allow shoppers to trace the history of their bananas

qr codes used on fruit

Consumers can scan Turbana products to track the produce back to the farms. Turbana has announced that it will be using QR codes in order to provide consumers with more information regarding the way in which their bananas are grown, produced, and handled. These barcodes will be used on the produce the company will sell in North America. The idea is that Turbana will be able to bring these shoppers “back to the farm” simply by giving them QR codes to scan with their smartphones. According to a release that…

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QR codes designed for food service released by Tanimura & Antle

QR Codes on food packaging

  These barcodes help to provide more information about retail produce. Tanimura & Antle has announced that they have added QR codes to the packaging on their food service products, with their initial printing on their field packed artisan romaine and artisan lettuce cases. The company has successfully used the barcodes for other purposes in the past. The grower and shipper is based in Salinas, California, Previously, it has implemented QR codes in order to help consumers find more information about recipes which can include their produce, as well as…

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