Mobile payments service launch announced by Groupon

Groupon Mobile Commerce

A new option has just been announced for Android users similar to that released in September for iPhone. Groupon has just revealed that its mobile payments service, which has been compared to that offered by Square, is now available to Android device users after having been available exclusively to iPhone customers since September 2012. This new service allows merchants to use Android devices for accepting debit and credit card transactions. The mobile payments service is made possible through a card reader that attaches to the smartphone or tablet, which now…

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Mcommerce to become main growth driver for Groupon Singapore

Mobile payments in Singapore

The daily deals site has seen tremendous success in the island city-state over the last 2 years. Groupon Singapore, the daily deals site, has already been experiencing massive growth over the last two years within the city state, and mcommerce has become its primary driver within this highly competitive marketplace. It is expected that the online shopping sector in the company will quadruple by 2015. It is expected to reach $1.1 billion (Singapore) in 2012, and should rise to reach at least $4.4 billion (Singapore) in three years from now.…

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Mobile payments launched by Groupon

Groupon Mobile commerce

The group buying program company has just announced its entry into the market. Groupon Inc. has revealed its first steps into the mobile payments marketplace as it launched its Groupon Payments service, which allows companies to accept credit card transactions from users of the iPod Touch or iPhone. While the system is compatible with virtually any credit card, it is concentrating on Groupon deals. The program is also allowing other companies to use the mobile payments service as a part of pilot programs, but it is charging rates at a…

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