New QR code gravestones project in Turkey gives headstones a tech update

QR code gravestones - Image of Cemetery

The quick response barcodes help to share more about the deceased person, and who they were. QR code gravestones have started popping up in Turkey, where a project is becoming increasingly popular to help commemorate those who have died. The same barcodes on menus and printed bills are now also providing a link to multimedia remembrances. Just as a pandemic affected world has seen the return of these barcodes to help people to complete more activities in a contactless way, new strategies are being developed to use them in other…

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QR codes used to remember World War I soldiers in the UK

Newspapers QR Codes

QR codes provide insight into the past lives of Canadian servicemen and women QR codes are becoming a popular way to remember the past. Where once QR codes were used solely for marketing, they are now being used to recall fond memories of past loved ones. Such is the case in Bodelwyddan, a small community in Denbigshire, Wales. Bodelwyddan’s St. Margaret’s Church has been using QR codes to commemorate 80 Canadian war graves, honoring those that served during World War I. The codes are designed to help family and loved…

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QR codes are changing the way we memorialize deceased loved ones

QR Codes on headstones

Barcodes on tombstones are allowing mourners to and cemetery visitors to learn about people buried there. Although QR codes may be most recognized for their placement on magazine ad pages and product packaging, there is a growing trend around the world that is also placing them on grave markers in order to allow loved ones to memorialize those who are buried beneath them. They are also allowing other visitors to learn more about the people buried in the cemetery. Though the concept of using QR codes in this way is…

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QR codes created by skilled Austrian stonemasons for digital memorials

QR Codes used on gravestones

Instead of using the standard sticker format, Aspetos is hiring skilled artisans for the job. Though it may sound as though Aspetos, a bereavement company from Austria, is following the latest trend by allowing QR codes to be added to the gravestones it sells, it has actually added a unique addition to its service that makes it stand out from the rest. Stonemasons will be sandblasting the quick response barcodes onto the surface of the gravestones. Though many companies are already offering QR codes as features on their tombstones and…

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QR codes now popping up on gravestones in Denmark

QR Codes Grave Stones

A trend that has been seen across the United States is now in Europe. Funeral homes and memorial companies have been adding QR codes to tombstones throughout the United States, and this trend has now caught on in Europe, as a Danish company adds the mobile barcodes to its grave markers. Quick response codes have proven to be a touching and practical addition to a gravesite. Not too long ago, the names that were marked on a gravestone had to be painstakingly researched and cross referenced by genealogists in order…

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