Google Glass production has been halted

google glass wearable technology

The company has announced that it will no longer be creating this wearable technology in its current form. The present form of Google Glass is no longer going to be produced, as the company has decided that while it wants to remain committed to the idea of wearable technology in the style of smart glasses, the current design is not the path that they want to continue to take. It also reveals that the Glass team will be leaving Google X and will be forming its own unique division. The…

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Wearable technology industry has a serious challenge ahead

ChipSip SiMEye Smart Glasses wearable technology

A Google X exec has stated that wearables have a long way to go before things become easy. When it comes to propelling the tech world forward, it is easy to say that Google has played an exceptionally important role, but at the same time, an executive from that company’s X division has stated that the wearable technology effort is facing an uphill battle before it truly finds its way to more level ground. The Google X division is responsible for not only the development of wearables but also self…

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Google shows off Project Glass – augmented reality glasses for a new generation

augmented reality video

Future of augmented reality right in front of your face!   Technology giant Google has been working on a pair of augmented reality eyeglasses recently. The company was initially shy about sharing information on the projects, but has been more forthcoming in the past few weeks. The world of augmented reality is growing more popular, especially with tech-savvy consumers who are looking forward to the future. This growing popularity has spurred companies like Google to develop new augmented reality systems. Google has focused its work on a head-mounted device that…

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